Monday, November 30, 2009

New York State of Mind!

Its official...
Less than a month till were off to
NYC for NYE!!!
I couldn't help looking at photos last night
and trying to get ideas of things to do!
Were going to see the Brooklyn Bridge

Take a ferry ride to Staten Island and
see the Statue of Liberty

watch all the crazy cab drivers
and maybe take a ride

ride the Subway

go to the top of the Rock
and look at Central Park

OH, and Times Square....

Where the BALL will drop!!

and we will smooch in the New Year


We have a few other places we want to see
and visit but would love other ideas and suggestions!!


  1. Sounds like soooo much fun! I've been to NYC twice but never on New Year's Eve. My younger sister is going over NYE too this year, she's so excited :-)

  2. LOVE NYC and I'm so jealous you're going for New Year's! I lived and interned in NYC over the past 2 summers and I definitely suggest going to Dylan's Candy Bar, Bryant Park, taking a walk through Central Park, visiting the High Line, and getting brunch at the Loeb Boathouse. For breakfast you HAVE to go to Cafeteria, for a yummy treat go to Pinkberry, for delicious Mexican food go to Dos Caminos - I believe all of these eateries have at least 2 different locations in the city so they'd be easy to get to! let me know if you'd like any other suggestions on great "city" things to do!

  3. That will be soo fun! There is a great pizza place right near the Brooklyn Bridge that is famous for their pizza called Grimaldi's. My friend used to live in Brooklyn and she took me there when I visted her. It is so good!

  4. OOOOO Take me! Take me!! Make sure you get some yummy hot dogs while you are there too!

  5. Lucky for you!!!
    I was just listening to "New York" by Alicia Keys and really wanting to go there! So lucky you get to go there .. I hope to one day as well!!

  6. Oohhh my gosh! How FUN!! That will be AMAZING!

  7. I've always wanted to do that. What fun!

  8. This Southern lady has visited the airport in New York City, but never the city. It's def on my list of things to do before I leave the earth!

  9. Jealous! I was just thinking that that must be the most magical place to spend new year's, post lots of pics for us!!

  10. NYC on NYE sounds like fun! I just got back and have lots of recommendations. The Top of the Rock at Rockafeller Center has great views and is, in my opinion, much better than the Empire State Building & Wicked on Broadway is a don't miss. For restaurants - Angelo's in Little Italy is beyond delicious (reservations are a must) and Blue Water Grill in Union Square is great! Hope you have a GREAT time.

  11. I am there all the time! Make sure you go to the meatpacking district walk the high line and stop for some great lunch at 5 ninth

  12. Definitely do a carriage ride through Times Square or Central Park. The one through Central Park is very intimate & romantic, but the one through Times Square is what new york city is all about! If you have time, do both!
    You must go shopping in Soho.
    Go to the biggest Toys R Us there is in Times Square.
    Go to a comedy show. They're everywhere. And most are super cheap.
    Check out Rockefeller Center. Go ice skating and admire the tree.

    New York City is amazing, especially at this time of year. You're going to have a blast!

  13. Oh my gosh, I am BEYOND JEALOUS of you right now.
    I am obsessed with New York.. and for New Years? That is a dream.
    I hope you have an amazing time!!!
    (and the only reason I have been hospitalized is from asthma too! If you don't use it yet, try advair. The thing is a hero in my books :))