Thursday, November 5, 2009


what can I say...
Its warm, relaxing and always fun!
We love, love, love it!!!

Dylan and I have now spent well over a month and a half of our well earned
vacation time in the warm country to the south of us.
Every time we see the hotel in Cabo its an {exhale} moment.

We are very luck to have my mom,
and her great taste in timeshares... lol!
She owns at the Westin Hotels.
I have never visited a Westin I didn't like...
We stay in suites (or the "Club" as they like to call it)
just to the side of the Westin along the water.

This is the Hotel..
Its breathtaking every time we see it!

Just arrived..
beer in hand!

Here are some photos of the hotel and club..

Hotel Punta Colorada
This is where Dylan went fishing for the day...
I will post his photos later..
Call me crazy...
{boys, tequila and bumpy waters}
didn't sound like the best situation for our new camera..
Tommy took the photos that day =)

or Halloween!
depends where your priorities are.. lol!
I really didn't know what we would be doing that day
but a big whoops on my part..
I forgot my duck shirt!!
Dylan was stopped by so many people that day.
saying "go DUCKS"!
"wow, your going for the underdog, huh"?
It was fun to tease back and forth.
After we got back from eating dinner in town,
we were on the search for the game at the hotel...
Unfortunately that little playoff they have in baseball
at the end of the season was on, ugh!
The sports bar had all the TV's on the World Series..
After a little sweet talking the bartender he told us we could change 1 TV,
if WE asked the people sitting at the one by the bar..

They moved, but not easily.

"you want to watch, what" the wife said
"the USC, U of O game" I replied "its kinda a big game in college football"
"sweetie, this is kinda the biggest game... in the WORLD.. Its the world series!"
she said, holding her martini in one hand and pointing
with her finger at the TV with the other hand.

After a little more conversation, they moved to the other
side of the bar where the TV's were all on the baseball game..

Dylan proud of his sweet talking wife
Dylan made a little scene with the duck win!

Its a fun little bar in the middle of nowhere...


We ate most meals here!
Its so yummy and fresh =)

Also know as having,
The Largest Selection of Tequila in the WORLD!

The BEST Mexican coffees!
yes, for breakfast!

Rattle Snake Tequila?
The Trailer Park Restaurant
The one in town on the hill, not the one on the Highway...

Every meal is better when started with a Margarita!!

The Lobsters are no joke
They are always over 2 1/2 lbs!!!
yep, that's 1 lobster!!

I got up to watch the sunrise on our last morning!

On our last day we drove out to Shell Beach
Its kinda in the middle of nowhere...

These cactus were SO big we had to stop and take photos!


The water was so pretty!
light green into a dark blue...

Piles of shells were everywhere..

It was a quick 5 days...
We loved every second of it!!!

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