Friday, November 20, 2009

Favorite Fridays!

I see a lot of Blog's have theme days
and I wanted to start one!!

So why not

I will tell you what my favorite things or products
are right now and you can tell me yours!
I think it will be a fun way to get new ideas.
Especially with with holiday season fast approaching
maybe you will the the perfect thing for
that last person on your list!

My first favorite is...
What girl doesn't like nice smelling candles?
With a husband who is in construction and 2 dogs,
it seems like I always try to have
a candle burning in my home.

My all time favorite is
Archipelago Botanicals
My favorite scent right now is Positano.
A close second is Dubai and
my hubby's favorite is Havana.
They are available in all sizes of wax candles
but we prefer the 60 hour jars.

I have been known to leave these candles, unlit,
in my cup holder in the car.
They are SO YUMMY smelling!!
Coming in a close second is

I have a few friends selling these
and they seem to be everywhere now!
If you don't know about them,
I will try to explain a little..

Your purchase these little "bricks"
for about $5 each

and then you heat them in these cute "warmers"
{they have about 30 designs to choose from
and a few different sizes}
as I recall... they range in price $15-$30

The good thing about this alternative is
#1 no flame. so if it tips over no fire will start.
#2 temperature. it only heats up to about 100*
so if little ones hands get in it, it wont burn.
#3 smell. they have a ton of smells to choose from
and when you want to change the smell you just pour the
wax back into the container and drop in
the new brick of the scent you want.

Its as easy as it sounds!

I cant wait to hear and see what your
Favorite Friday selection will be!!



  1. Fun post! Favorite Friday's is perfect! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by hip weddings. You have a nice blog. My favorite thing (it is a simple one) is that the Coffee Bean changed their icky cardboard containers to metal tins so they don't look ugly on my counter.

    I do love candles!


    PS-I have a great giveaway going on until Sunday at my lifestyle blog, Look for the stamper photo in the top right corner.

  3. I love how candles make your house smell so nice. I especially love the holiday scented ones!

  4. your post just reminded me to run out a grab a hostess present- thanks!