Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coast Storm!

As some of you have heard there was a little
wind storm yesterday at the beach..
The power went out at 4pm and 24 hours later...
still NO POWER!!!

Last night after the power went out and I locked up the gallery
I took a little drive to see what was going on in CB.
I came across this flag going crazy in the wind.
Right after that I came across a down power line

This morning I woke up to check out the town to see if I could
spot any damage that might have happened...
It didn't take long to come across a news crew
in front of this house..

Tolovana Parking lot

I thought this was a pretty photo of the sky
and over flowing creek..
This is a tree down in a neighbors yard

a little flooding

The road up to Ecola State Park

If you click on the photo below you can see on the right side of the door
a crack that goes down the whole door!
I stopped here for a beverage on my way back to my moms Monday night,
the doors were opening and slamming because of the winds,
this door cracked with the powerful winds
posted on the front doors of the elementary school

back at my mom's house
one of her VERY heavy planter boxes blew off the deck

The worst damage was done to her flag pole
It snapped in half!!

Elk Creek
Generators brought into town to help get power back
This is usually not the best sign,
as they are planning its going to take a while to restore the towns power..
HWY 101
this is a normal thing for us
the HWY usually closes about 3 times a year for flooding
but I have heard this is the highest the water has been in 20 years
from several police officers in town
I hope the coast gets back to normal soon!

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  1. Wow! Is that Morro Bay? I recognize the huge rock. I vacationed there once and fell in love with it! How long have you lived there? I can't believe it storms like that there! Enjoyed your post - looking forward to reading more!