Sunday, November 22, 2009

Can you HEAR this?

The Teenager Audio Test - Can you hear this sound?
I sure could..
they have this going around on facebook
apparently if your over the age of 25
you wont be able to hear this sound..
well, Im a few years older than that
and I sure could!!


  1. hey! you'll have so much fun in NYC for new years! do you guys already have plans to go to a party or club?

  2. yay I can hear it! I remember playing it for my parents one time and it was so weird/kinda sad that they couldn't hear it. Oh well..I'll be there too one day

  3. I can still hear it! It seems crazy that some people wouldn't be able to.

  4. I am going to try this..I will probably fail..getting old (ha, ha).


    PS-I did my happy list and I have something for you on my blog!