Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Are you planning in shopping

I did it a few times in my 20's
I think when I was 24 & 25.
{Before I knew better}
What I went for they didn't have
what I ended up buying wasn't on sale
oh, and the lines to buy... took forever!!

Some people like the thrill
and the hunt for the best deal
and I can respect that.

but getting up at 3am
to be at a store at 4:15
so you will be at the front of the line
when it opens at 5am
isn't my idea of a fun day!

Any Who..
for you die hards here
is the link for all the adds


  1. I'm not sure that we will be headed out this year but we have always gone in the past! There's just nothing we really want this year! I just saw in my post you live in Oregon! It's my territory for work and have traveled there a few times, it's beautiful!

  2. I've never shopped on Black Friday and I don't think I'm missing out :) I'm sticking to online shopping!

  3. This is the first, last, and only year we will be attempting black friday. We need a new tv and we're hoping to score a good deal. Otherwise, I wouldn't even bother...

  4. I have never done it! I'm too scared of the crowds and think I would get super claustophobic!