Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hummer Happening

I'm at my moms house tonight all alone,
(she is already in Mexico.. lil stinker..)
and I decided to look at some old photos I have on her computer,
I came across these...

They are from the Hummer events we went to a few years ago
when HUMMER was a thriving company.. lol
We went to several events in the NW
but our favorite were the ones they had in Reno, Nevada

We trained with Rod Hall
He has raced and won the Baja 1000 several times in a Hummer H3
and his son Chad Hall
Chad trains Marine Special forces to drive H1's

We would spend a day learning how to drive the courses we were about to go on
The "what to do" and "what NOT to do"!
Day 2 and 3 we would split up in to groups and drive courses they
set up for us in Reno and Virginia City.

Here is Dylan leaning on the Hummer.. ready to go!

If you click on the photo below its pretty neat!
This was a SUPER steep hill we drove down.
I remember this trail vividly...
One of the Hummers slid to the side and they had to go help him..
The guys from Hummer thought he was going to roll it!
Everyone made it out safe!
only a few flat tires from the sharp rocks.. lol!
Fortunately nothing ever bad happened to ours =)
They were such Fun times!

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