Friday, October 16, 2009

Dear family and friends..

"Dear family and friends of Dylan and Risley, you have been invited to share in this celebration of these two lives beginning joined in marriage. Dylan and Risley are especially grateful that you could be here with them today to give them support"

Yes, those are our wedding vows.
As most of you know Mayor John Williams, the man who married us,
passed away very unexpectedly last year.
His wife, bless her heart, was going through some of his things and came across our typed out,
word for word, our wedding vows.
She left them at my gallery yesterday as I was covering our new store in Seaside.
People say some of the best gift we receive are free...
This is one that I will treasure FOREVER!
as some of you are reading this,
think about your wedding vows..
do you remember them?

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