Monday, July 27, 2009


Dylan and I spent a few cool days at the coast this weekend!
I'm such a beach girl and not a happy camper in hot weather..

when it gets hot in Portland a marine layer comes in and cools the beaches

It was in the high 60's, low 70's believe it or not!

Little Jackie

Dylan became adventurous and climbed up some of the rocks at low tide..

that's me on the left with the dogs!
Hope you all stayed cool this past weekend!
I gave in and turned on the A/C at 7:30 this morning
its going to be a hot next few days!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


At the end of next week...
Dylan and I will have worked 409 hours in July!
No wonder we have been so tired lately!
I cant wait till August starts and we get into wedding mode!
Dylan and I are both in weddings..
So, fortunately we get to take some time off work!
and finally enjoy summer!!

Super Low Tide

On Tuesday I went for a walk on the beach.
I thought about an hour and a half would be plenty of time..
I was sooo wrong!
The tide was a -1.9!!
There are so many things exposed when the tides are that low.

Here is a funny little bird that rarely comes out..

Star Fish!

on Crescent Beach looking south you can see
Haystack in the WAY back..

Here are the little Dollars I found!


No one ever told me that in the list of "10 most expensive things I would ever buy"
that a bed would be on that list...
We had been looking at new beds for awhile,
and I kept thinking they were too expensive..
So, while I was at the beach for a few days Dylan went out and bought a bed!
So here it is!

its a little silly to post this...
but Dylan is soooo Happy about it!!!
and we are sleeping better =)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nicole's Bridal Shower

On Saturday we held a Bridal Shower for Nicole!
It was a lot of fun and a great success!

The bouquet I made =)

All the food was yummy!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Morning Walk

On Wednesday morning I woke up at 6:30am to go look for little Sand Dollars.
It was such a pretty morning.. I ended up walking for about an hour and a half
I found a few like this but they all were damaged a bit, like this one with a tiny hole

This is the only perfect one I found. Its SO CUTE!
you can click on the photo to see it closer..

The girls from Cannon Beach

With being at the beach a lot this summer I have been able to spend time with a lot of old friends and some new ones! Here are some photos of a few nights out last week!

blogger or slacker?

Just wanted to say SORRY for being such a slacker and not posting anything lately.
Fortunately, I have been super busy at work!
With the success of our Seaside store I have been working a lot, not playing...
This up coming week starts wedding season in our world, so I will be posting photos of the festivities.
Hope you are all having a great summer so far!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Today my mom and I attended a Birthday Party for my Grandma Joanne at the Stock Pot Restaurant in Beaverton. It was a great luncheon with some of her friends!
HAPPY 83rd Birthday!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cannon Beach 4th of July Parade

Happy 4th everyone!
I hope you all had as great of a day as we did!

if you look really close you can see the jets!
the fly over starts the parade!
you can click on the photo too..
all the people starting to line up!

Hi Kimm and Trevor!

Hi Smith's
ummm.. Hillary and Bill??

Phil, our neighbor and his horse!

this was moments before Emma attacked him..
yep! I stopped the parade...
poor guy!

a cute pug!

"don't be crabby at the beach"