Thursday, June 4, 2009


Last night we took Jackson to Dove Lewis in NW Portland.
It all started about 2am when we were lying in bed. Jackson usually sleeps between us and tends to change positions several times throughout the night, last night was a little different. He kept bumping into my leg, so I rolled over to move him and see what he was doing. I stood him up so he would hopefully walk away, and he just fell down on his side and started to shake!
I was yelling at Dylan to wake up... all I could do was hold him. After about a minute he stopped. Dylan took him and I went into the office to pull up the phone # for Dove Lewis.
When I was looking for the phone # Jackson did it again, this time he threw-up and then started walking backwards, seeming very disoriented.

In true Jackson form he was fine by the time we got into NW Portland..
They ran some tests on him and we talked to the veterinarian on duty. He came to the conclusion he had a seizure. Also in true Jackson form, he scratched the veterinarian and bit the tech!
We will be taking him to our vet at the beach this week and running some more test, like a full body x-ray to look for tumors and have his blood work done!
Poor lil guy!!
He turned 9 in March and I know he is getting older, but I would like him around for another 9 years!

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